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Wedding Decorations



Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment, marking one of the most special days in a couple's life. They are moments steeped in tradition, joy, and the unique personalities of the bride and groom, making each ceremony a truly unique experience.

Live music at your wedding can elevate this special occasion to even greater heights with your own carefully selected song choices.

Soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics provide an emotional backdrop that resonates with your guests, creating an atmosphere of romance and connection. Not to mention, the funny or silly ones that serve as the best memories, and, of course, all of your favourite party hits. Whether it's the bride walking down the aisle to a beautiful love song or the couple's first dance, live music adds a personal touch and enhances the emotional impact of the day, making the wedding not just a ceremony, but an unforgettable celebration of love.


The Ceremony:

Down the aisle & Up the aisle

The happy couple celebrates those special moments of their wedding to several songs of their choosing. 


The Surprise:

Pre-Party Party

The secret waitress enters with a bang - singing a selection of hits to get everyone on their feet! ​


The Lovely Do:

Dine & Drinks

Mingle to music with your guests and enjoy time eating, toasting, drinking, dancing or even just chatting about your favourite memories, perhaps linked to some of the songs you’ve chosen. 


The First Time:

Let’s Dance

The happy couple enjoy their first dance together, followed by other dances and/or their favourite hits for everybody to boogie to! 


The Late One:

Night time is the right time

Sing along to some of your favourite hits with a live vocalist then dance the night away with a live DJ!


The Full Shebang:

The Whole Day

Entertainment throughout your entire event*, which can include any of the above packages, all tailored especially for YOUR big day! 

*within 14 hour period


If you have any other requirements or arrangement requests, please don’t hesitate to ask. All bookings are personalised to suit your event!


Please fill in the form below for more details and pricing information.

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